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NYC to help students who fell behind on school

NYC to help students who fell behind on school

NEW YORK CITY — An unprecedented spate of disruptions for New York City students this year will leave a “COVID achievement gap” that threatens to leave many behinds, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

De Blasio on Thursday outlined a “2021 Student Achievement Plan” that leans heavily on new digital tools to help youngsters catch up academically, get individual help and move past the traumas inflicted by the coronavirus crisis.

“I don’t doubt that the 2021 Student Achievement Plan will give us the foundation to make sure that that approach reaches every single child,” de Blasio said

The plan outlined by de Blasio and Chancellor Richard Carranza is still skeletal but they promised the coming months will put meat on its bones.

Carranza outlined six steps on what he called “our path moving forward”:

  • Getting a baseline of what ground we lost
  • Increasing high-quality digital curriculum available for every single school
  • Launching a one-stop digital learning hub
  • Deepening professional development
  • Expanding “Parent University”
  • Confront the trauma and mental health crisis faced by our students