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Local Records Office in Los Angeles Helps Homesellers Sell Their Homes Quickly

LOS ANGELES, CA — If you’re looking to sell your home, you probably don’t want it sitting on the market for years or even months. According to the Local Records Office in Los Angeles, CA, it doesn’t have to! Selling your home can be a stressful process and sometimes emotionally draining as well. Therefore, it’s best to get the sale over as fast as possible. Plus, this fast cash can also help you with landing the new home of your dreams. With the right set of tools and knowledge, you can sell your house fast in California. Keep reading on to learn everything you need to get started.

Quick Guide to Sell Your House in California

Local Records Office agrees that selling your house fast in California involves keeping up with the latest buyer trends. This includes what people are looking for in a home as well as how they actually go about buying the home. Los Angeles County home prices jump $120,000 in a year, which means more profit for you, too! Now, let’s discuss how to actually sell your house fast in order to make that profit.

Make a Good First Impression

First impressions are important. According to a recent survey by the Local Records Office, 48% of recent buyers stated that the home being stage was extremely, very, or somewhat important to their ultimate buying choice. Therefore, if you want to sell your house fast, the first step is to clean and declutter the interior and exterior of your home. Here are some important points to focus on for each area of the home:


  • Clean outside windows
  • Clear all walkways, pathways, and the driveway
  • Sweep any cobwebs, leaves, and other debris from porches, patios, and garages
  • Mow the lawn and trim back overgrown bushes, tree branches, and hedges
  • Plant flowers around the walkway or front of the home
  • Replace anything that looks worn or is broken such as light bulbs, the mailbox, and doorknobs


  • Declutter the kitchen and bathroom
  • Clear out closets and storage spaces
  • Clear tabletops, mantels, and shelves of any junk or clutter
  • Clean carpets if needed
  • Make small repairs like covering holes or replacing light fixtures
  • Dust and clean windows, blinds, baseboards, ceiling fans, and lights
  • Stage the home (set the dinner table, rearrange your furniture, or add fresh flowers)

Have a High-Quality Online Listing

The latest reports from the Local Records Office in 2019 are in and it turns out millennials are still the largest group of homebuyers (at 37%). In that same report, it was revealed that last year 98% of these millennials used the internet to buy their home and 80% of them found their new home on a mobile device.

What this means for you is that if you want to sell your house fast in California with the help of the Local Records Office, it is essential you have a high-quality online listing.

Having a high-quality online listing involves taking great pictures (you might even hire a professional for this), offering a virtual tour, and writing a feature-packed description. Millennials aren’t as interested in the square footage of your home as they are in its location and what features it offers.

Highlight how close your location is to schools, shopping, and other popular locations. Also mention the quality of the neighborhood, too.

Know What Buyers Want

“If you plan on investing any money into renovations or adding on to your home, it’s a good idea to know what buyers want”, says, the Local Records Office.

According to the Local Records Office investing in Los Angeles’s real estate has been booming for the past decade. Per a recent report on millennial home buying preferences, the top features buyers are looking for are:

  • Laundry room (86%)
  • Hardwood Front Exterior (81%)
  • Patio (81%)
  • Garage Storage (80%)
  • A Walk-in Pantry (79%)
  • Exterior Lighting (79%)
  • Ceiling Fan (79%)
  • Front Porch (78%)
  • Table Space for Eating (78%)

As you can see, some of these renovations can be costlier than others. However, smaller upgrades like adding a ceiling fan and exterior lighting can be within reach. Also, staging a dining room table set for dinner can show off the great features buyers are looking for according to the Local Records Office. If you already have any of the above features in your home, make sure to highlight them in your online listing.

Price Your Home to Sell

While making a good profit on your home is important, pricing it right is also critical. Even in a seller’s market when there are many buyers and fewer homes if your house isn’t priced right, it won’t sell. If you have it priced too high, it’s likely you’ll end up coming down anyway; it will just take longer to sell your home.

The best thing you can do is to check the homes in your area. See what they are selling for, which have recently sold, and how long others have been on the market. If possible, price a little bit below what others are asking in your area. This can sometimes drum up a lot of interest and may even cause a bidding war.

It is also a good idea to do a bit of research into what buyers in your area are looking for. For example, if buyers are looking for homes in the $500,000 price range that means it’s more advantageous to price your home at $499,000 rather than at $510,000.

Since many homebuyers are looking online for their new homes, your $10k above price will quickly be filtered out when searching for homes around or under $500k.

Do A Thoreau Background Check With the Local Records Office Property History Report

If you want to sell your home quickly you need to know what you have on your hands. Buyers are going to have a lot of questions about the property, which many real estate agents might not have. This is where the professionals at the Local Records Office come in.

The Local Records Office offers a detailed report for any property in the United States. The report includes foreclosure activity, student-to-faculty reports, population details, and much more. Many home buyers and home sellers don’t realize that if there’s a foreclosed home in the area it will affect the property value drastically.

Follow These Tips to Sell Your House Fast in California

If you’re looking to sell your house fast in California, the best thing you can do is figure out who is buying, what they are looking for, and how they’re looking for it. With the latest reports by the Local Records Office now out, we know that millennials are the largest group of homebuyers. Therefore, creating an online listing with photos, videos, and a good description is essential.

Look to highlight the location and popular features rather than size or square footage. Before you start this process though, have a weekend cleaning and decluttering session! Focus on both the interior and exterior of the home in order to make the best first impression. When following these steps, you’ll be sure to sell your house fast in California.