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Is the Local Records Office Legitimate?

The Local Records Office is a legitimate online and brick-and-mortar business located in Los Angeles County. The Local Records Office is a modern business that is trusted by partners, suppliers, various third parties, and customers.

In the early 1990s, the Local Records Office noticed that there was a gap between real estate realtors and recent homebuyers. New homebuyers wanted to know more about a particular property. Homebuyers were looking for deed information, property details, mortgage records, title report, and more. Almost like a CARFAX but for a house. This is when the lightbulb when off on employees and decided to generate and supply detailed property inspection reports to help people decide if a certain property is correct for them. This is when the property profile report was born. The report includes a large variety of information that is usually skipped and left out by realtors and brokers. The report includes:

  • In-depth property information
  • Current ownership
  • Student-to-faculty ratio
  • Summary of previous records
  • Current and past property value
  • Foreclosure details for the past few years
  • Current sales records
  • Population data are also known as demographics
  • Land and lot information
  • County recording range
  • Criminal activity for the past 6 months
  • Recent title transfer
  • Updated neighborhood statistics
  • Finance and mortgage records
  • Educational opportunities (mile range varies)
  • Releases (if any)
  • Detailed property history
  • Updated real value
  • A paper copy of the deed

Local Records Office Doesn’t Associate With Online Scam Property Records

Even though criminals have developed numerous schemes that use look-alike or fake online companies to perpetrate scams and identity theft the Local Records Office has been verified by thousands of happy customers over the years. The company is not involved in any type of phishing like sending out fake emails to try to collect information to enable theft. The website is not duplicate or online for a few months and gone, the site has been active for over 10 years. Local-Records-Office.biz does not save any kind of customer’s personal information to later sell it.

Local Records Office is a Legitimate Business

The Local Records Office is a legitimate online business that has been serving real estate customers for over 10 years and counting. If customers are not satisfied with the property history title to report a full refund will be issued, contact customer service at 1(800) 790-0721. The Better Business Bureau has rated the Local Records Office an A for its great work. Thousands of real estate businesses contact the Local Records Office for property reports each year. For any questions contact us here.