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How to Find a Cheap Room For Rent In Los Angeles, CA? (VIDEO)

Are you looking for a room to rent? Sometimes we’re low on cash other times we don’t have the time to find the apartment we really want so renting just a room will do the job. Whether it’s in Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, or Long Beach there are affordable rooms for rent across SoCal. Low costs apartments are great for students, renters who are on a fixed income, or just don’t want to spend a lot but still be in the middle of LA.

Benefits of Renting Only a Room in Los Angeles

There are tons of benefits to renting a room. In most cases when you rent a room you will be renting from a homeowner and not a landlord therefore, you don’t have to worry about signing a lease you will only be paying month-to-month. This benefit will help you be flexible with your moving options if needed.

Another benefit of renting a room is that you don’t need to have excellent or good credit to qualify to rent a room. This is great for people with poor credit scores that need a little push.

Are the People Renting You the Room OK With Your Pets?

You will make it difficult for yourself if you have pets. Bringing along Whiskers or Firulais will add an additional layer of difficulty. Not to mention if other people are allergic to cats or dogs or don’t want to be disturbed by the barking and pet messes. If your pet has to come with you to sweeten the deal, offer to pay “pet rent”, pet rent is usually around $30-50 per month, depending on the location and house.

Another option can be to search for listings with “pet-friendly” room rentals. Make sure the homeowner and other people living in the home are aware of your furry pal(s) before moving in, otherwise you will get the boot before you even move in.

Where Are the Hotspots for Renting a Room in Los Angeles, CA?

First things first, keep in mind your budget and requirements. Here is a list of websites provided by the Professionals at the Local Records Office:

PadMapper: PadMapper is a location-based apartment rental search engine with real-time filtering, with over 1 million listings daily. Picture Google but for renting apartments and rooms. PadMapper is becoming more and more popular since it first started back in early the 2010s in San Francisco.

HotPads: HotPads is similar to PadMapper but it focuses more on renting rooms in houses instead of apartments.

Craigslist: Craigslist has been around since the late 1990s for listing items for sale, free items, housing, jobs, services, and even gigs. Craigslist is more of an old-school way to finding proper housing but you can still find some gems from time to time.

Realtor: Realtor rental section offers great rental options but it has fewer rooms for rent than the others on the list. Realtor’s main focus is on real estate and focuses on selling homes and businesses.

You Will Most Likely Be Signing a Sublease

Subleases are different than full-term leases. Subleases are signed between three parties; the renter, the roommate, and the landlord or homeowner. Subleases provide some legal protections like you’re not being liable for damages that occurred before you moved into the room. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.